UTreat UTI Supplement

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Probiotic and organic combination designed by specialists helps in treating Urinary Tract Infection(UTI), Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Vaginitis.


UTreat: A Urinary Health Supplement by Kegan Wellness

Female hygiene is a very important part of overall female health. Right from keeping your genitals clean to maintaining the right pH levels, you need to be very attentive towards your vaginal health. While this aspect of women health was not paid much attention earlier, it is a much talked about concern in modern times as more and more cases of Urinary Tract Infection(UTI), Yeast Vaginitis and Bacterial Vaginosis is being reported every year. As a company dedicated to promote female health and wellness, Kegan Wellness brings an unmatched solution for your female hygiene concerns- UTreat.

Before we dig into the health benefits that UTreat has in store, we would like to have answers to some questions:

  • Do you feel irritated down south of your body?
  • Do you struggle with a vaginal smell that is evident and spreads on your clothes?
  • Are UTIs very common problem for you?
  • Are inflammation, irritation and bad odour from your vagina keeping you away from feeling free?

If you nodded the head in an affirmative answer to one or more of the questions, you are dealing with poor vaginal health. Let us discuss what vaginal health is and how you can prevent bacterial infections in your vagina.

What are Vaginal Infections?

The vagina is a very sensitive organ of a female body. It has a number of functions to perform and has a major role in the reproduction process. There are several reasons you may experience irritation, burning sensation or any other sort of discomfort in your vagina. This can be a result of poor hygienic condition, sexually transmitted bacteria or some grave sexual disease. It is important to consult your doctor a soon as you feel any type of discomfort in your urinary tract, but, you can always prevent the risk of any infection in the first place. Kegan Wellness’s UTreat is one supplement that helps you maintain your urinary health and prevent vaginal infections.

What Causes Vaginal Infections?

A number of reasons can contribute to the vaginal discomfort in your body, including:

  • Microorganism
  • Increased pH levels in the vagina
  • Tissue damage
  • Wearing tight and non-absorbent underwear
  • Cracks or sores due to irritation
  • Poor hygiene

You can prevent vaginal infection by wearing loose underwear, keeping the vagina clean, maintain hydration levels in the body and consuming Kegan Wellness’s U Treat- Urinary Health supplement.

How Kegan Wellness’s U Treat- Urinary Health Supplement Helps?

Kegan Wellness brings you the boon of vaginal health and urinary health in the form of U Treat. As one of the best Urinary health supplement present in today’s market, U Treat brings you a range of health benefits through its calculated and rich composition of probiotic and organic compositions. It may support your urinary health and boosts immunity. It comprises of famous nutraceutical ingredients like:

Each capsule of Utreat contains the following:

  1. Cranberry – It may help to prevent infections in the urinary tract by keeping bacteria away from the cells along the tract’s walls. It does not allow Streptococcus mutans from sticking to teeth, thus preventing the oral bacteria from causing cavities and tooth decay. In addition to this, cranberry is effective against the formation of kidney stones.
  2. Lactobacilli Culture – It may help to treat vaginal yeast infections and urinary tract infections (UTIs). It may also helps to prevent respiratory infections in children and common cold in adults.

The product comes in a packaging of 60 capsules per bottle. 1 capsule a day is recommended or regulate intake as per the dietician’s recommendation.

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