SheSlim Weight Loss Supplement (Fat Burner Supplement)

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Weight loss, improved stamina, increased metabolism


SheSlim: Slimming Supplement from Kegan Wellness

Kegan Wellness is a fast growing nutraceutical company in India, dedicated to develop products and supplements that aids in promoting women health and wellness. With the advent of modernization, life has become harder than ever. The modern women play a significant role in society. However, in the efforts to maintain pace with the ever-evolving world, women have to deal with a shortage of time. We opt for a handy food item, rely on processed products and eat at an odd hour and the results are obesity and a poorly shaped body.

Every year, several woman complaint about obesity and many other problems that come associated with the condition.  When you are obese, you are a doomed site for diseases to breed and germinate. Obesity increases your chances to develop cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, poor bone health, lack of energy and many such medical complications. Kegan Wellness’s SheSlim is may prove to be an excellent solution to the obesity in women, but, before we explain what the supplement is all about, it is important to map out why women are getting obese?

While most of you have complaints about being overweight, have you ever thought why you became obese in the first place? Let us answer this question in detail below:

Reasons for Obesity in Women:

There are many reasons for obesity in woman ranging from stress, poor eating habits, and lack of nutritional eating, malnutrition, and many medical conditions that promote the accumulation of body fat. Our body has a natural amount of fat cells that are important to keep the body warm and functioning. When you follow poor dietary habits and do not maintain an active lifestyle, these cells start to swell and multiply. Very soon, you have a rather thick layer of fat cells under your skin that makes you look fat and weigh high on the scale.

Many time stress and anxiety also serve as the reasons of putting up extra weight as poor eating habits are one of the side effects of depression and anxiety disorders.


Kegan Wellness’s SheSlim – Slimming Supplement

100% natural weight loss supplement available in the market, SheSlim Slimming supplement is a perfect blend of nutrients that may aid in instant weight loss. If you are tired of excessive weight that doesn’t go away even with miles of running and exercise, Kegan Wellness’s She Slim- Slimming supplement is what you need. She Slim is a combination of three natural ingredients namely Garcinia Cambogia, Coleus Forskohlii, and Green Tea extract.

Health Benefits:

Each capsule of SheSlim contains the following:

  • Garcinia Cambogia – It may help to deal with loss of appetite, reduces the craving for unhealthy foods, boosts energy, and increases concentration. It may also reduces joint pain, stabilizes sugar levels, and lowers cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Forskohlii – It may prove to be good for the heart and help the body to fight obesity and weight gain. It may help to ease breathing, improve the immune system, and can also help for skin treatment.
  • Green Tea Extract – It may help boost the metabolism and burn fats in the body. It may also enhances physical performance and aids in digestion.

The product comes in a packaging of 60 capsules per bottle. 2 capsules a day are recommended or regulate intake as per the dietician’s recommendation.


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