FeelFree PMS Multivitamin Supplements

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Support for Physical and Emotional Discomfort during Menstruation.


FeelFree – PMS Relief Supplements by Kegan Wellness

Gone are the days when women tended to be slow, submissive and docile. With modern time, females have gained great autonomy and are beating the great competition, in almost all walks of life. However, there are a few natural obligations that only women have to deal with. Menstruation is one such natural process that hampers the life of the modern girl every month. While it is a vital process that keeps the cycle of reproduction moving, it is also the time when the women feel a little weak inside. The symptoms of menstruation can differ from one woman to another but usually range from breast tenderness, pains, cramps, fatigue to light head feeling.

If you too are dealing with these symptoms, you might feel a little bound to take the bed and seek refuge from your daily routine, at least for a day or two. But, for modern women no such breaks are permissible and neither do they want to avail one. We at Kegan Wellness, understand your woes to the core and offer you a range of nutritional supplements and products that help you keep fit and running. FeelFree – PreMenstrual (PMS) Relief is one such product extended by Kegan Wellness which may help to promote women health and fitness during and prior to the menstrual cycle.

Before we talk about the incredible benefits of FeelFree- Pre Menstrual, it is first important to understand what PMS is.

What is PMS?

PMS is an abbreviation used for Pre Menstrual Syndrome. These are the physical and emotional changes that a woman experiences one to two weeks prior to the menstrual period. These symptoms can vary from one woman to another and usually subsides once the bleeding starts. Some of the common symptoms reported by women worldwide include acne, fatigue, breast tenderness, bloating, mood swings and irritability.


How Kegan Wellness’s FeelFree- PreMenstrual Relief Helps Control PMS Symptoms?

Kegan Wellness is determined to promote women health and wellness by offering the best products to treat and prevent a range of body complications happening in women. Kegan Wellness’s FeelFree – PreMenstrual Relief is a product that is aimed to cater to the PMS and allow the modern women to feel the freedom. It can be used as multivitamin product as well as it comprises of a number of Vitamins.

FeelFree is a combination of multivitamins and black cohosh that supports in dealing with the physical and emotional discomfort that follows menstruation. The key ingredients of FeelFree are as follows:

  • Vitamin A, B, C, E, D3, B1, B2, B3, B6 & B12
  • Soy Isoflavones
  • Black Cohosh
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Elemental Magnesium
  • Elemental Calcium

Health Benefits of FeelFree – Pre Menstrual:

Each capsule contains the following:

  • Black Cohosh – It may help to control the symptoms of menopause such as headaches, mood swings, hot flashes, sleep problems, night sweats, heart palpitations, and vaginal dryness. It also helps to improve bone health, reduces anxiety, enhances fertility, aids in the treatment of diabetes.
  • Soy Isoflavones – It may help to control and improve the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It also helps fight Osteoporosis and reduces fatigue in middle-aged women.

The product comes in a packaging of 60 capsules per bottle. 2 capsules a day are recommended or regulate intake as per the dietician’s recommendation.


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60 Capsules


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